Paintings for Sale

Yacht - Acrylic on Canvas for Newstead Mural

Two Yachts Close-hauled  - Acrylic on Canvas

Gold Roofs - Acrylic on Canvas

Polar Bears -  Acrylic on Canvas

Fishing Boats Raft-up - Acrylic on Wood Panel

Self-Portrait -  Oil on Wood Panel - Painted with Kitchen Knife - NOT FOR SALE

Sunglasses -  Oil on Canvas

Three Boats on Calm Water -  Acrylic on Canvas

Three Boats Moored  -  Acrylic on Canvas

Three Palms  - Acrylic on Wood Panel

Coy under Waterfall - Agars' Island, Bermuda - Acrylic on Canvas

Datura Tree - Italian Lakes  -  Acrylic on Canvas

Datura Tree in Tuscany  -  Acrylic on Canvas

Deck Chairs  -  Oil on Canvas

Man with Orange Beach Towel  -  Oil on Canvas

Man Swinging Beach Towel - Oil on Canvas

Dead Calm -  Acrylic on Canvas

Fantasy Island -  Acrylic on Canvas

"Over the Sticks" - Oil on Wood Panel - Painted with kitchen knife

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